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Do you browse through libraries and bookstores? Imagine browsing hundreds of titles of academic articles about history that are available each month. No matter your historical interest, every era and region is included in the links you will receive throughout your subscription.

Whether you are browsing or looking for something in particular, you are sure to find something that inspires and motivates you. You may even find something that takes your story in a completely new and unexpected direction.


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Each week you will receive links to titles of recently published peer-reviewed articles about history, compiled from more than 900 journals. Those links usually lead to either the article abstract or to the article itself. Due to journal publication schedules, the size of the list
varies varies, but generally includes links to 150-200 articles.


Specialty Lists in the Shop

Not ready for the full weekly subscription? I also offer specialty lists.

The Weekly 10: Random Articles that Piqued My Interest is a wide-ranging weekly list of 10 links that I found while compiling the subscription list. These weekly lists are available for $1.99 without a subscription.

Want more information about marriage, food, or Scotland? I also pull links to articles in 12 different categories. Those are bundled into groups of 15 links per list and are available for $2.99 without a subscription.

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