I love quest stories. Add in some spies and rock music and I’m all in.

I’ve mentioned before that I listen to podcasts a lot, whether they are continuous weekly or limited to telling one story in a limited number of episodes. At the moment I’m listening to one of the limited series, eight episodes, and wanted to share it with you all.

About a decade ago journalist Patrick Radden Keefe heard a story that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) wrote the German band Scorpions song “Wind of Change”. He recently decided to move that investigation to the top of his To Do list, which I prefer to think of as a Quest list.

I haven’t finished all eight episodes yet, but highly recommend you check this out. Spies, hair bands, secrets – what’s not to love? I grew up during the Cold War, so this seems like revisiting my youth. I even saw Scorpions live in the early 80s!

This podcast is a great way to get a new perspective on things that you thought you already understood. This song came out around the end of the Soviet Union, so it is interesting to hear how people in what used to be the Soviet Union think about the band and the song. Also fun to hear stories of how the CIA tried to influence culture in other regions.

You can binge all eight episodes on Spotify or have it drop weekly into your Apple podcast feed.

If you listen, I would love to know what you think about the series, so drop a note in the comments section. Happy listening and learning!