I was watching a movie about Bonnie and Clyde the other night and took a quick look at their bios in Wikipedia. (If you use Wikipedia, feel free to toss a donation their way.)

Turns out that Bonnie Parker was born in 1910, just like my paternal grandfather, Ernest Hanson. It just struck me as strange because she is a figure kind of trapped in a past that includes Tommy guns and Fords with skinny tires.

While she died (I think I’m required to say “in a hail of bullets”) in 1934 at the age of 23, my grandpa lived to be 90 years old. He would have also been 23 at the time of Tommy guns and Fords, but went on to have seven children and a full life instead of the hail of bullets thing.

You can read and see photos here about my paternal grandparents and how their families were a new Viking invasion.

And I just noticed that Bonnie Parker was only 4’11” tall. That’s the same height as my mother!

Not sure I want to feel this many connections with Bonnie Parker, so I’m going to quit before I find anything else.